King’s Quest III Play Through (And Commentary!)

King’s Quest III… Oh, how I loved you… and hated you all at the same time. King’s Quest III was a huge jump from King’s Quest II in terms of story and graphics… and also frustration. In the days before the Internet was such a thing and the world relied on BBS’ (kids, look it up if you don’t know what that is!) – playing a game like King’s Quest III was chalk full of endless fun and frustration to my 16 year old self. I go into details during the commentary version of the video about some of the horrors I experienced playing this game when it had first come out. All of that said, this game was also pretty ground breaking in terms of setting up a story and really setting up King Graham (from King’s Quest I and II) and his family. Like every other King’s Quest game, you must pick up everything that’s nailed down and use it in the most unusual ways; but this one really does a great job of actually telling a story.

So with that said, here’s the play through without the commentary (as in the previous videos, I stripped out the original music and put in new King’s Quest music to at least make it more of a pleasure to listen to)…

And here is the same video, with my commentary laid over the video and music.

Unlike the previous King’s Quest I and King’s Quest II videos – since I have been enjoying doing these, I went ahead and verified the account. So rather than being forced to splice it up into tiny sections, I am able to upload the entire video as one video. I plan on going through all of my Sierra games (which is a pretty extensive collection) and capturing them all and commenting on them all – so if you would be so kind – if you enjoyed these videos, or just want to do me a favor – please consider subscribing to the channel – because I need at least 100 subscribers in order to customize the Youtube channel URL to something orther than random letters and numbers, so your help would be greatly appreciated! (Feel free to share these around as well! Word of mouth does wonders!)

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