Hero-U Project Update #105: Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

Patch 2 has passed testing, and we released it a couple of weeks ago. We’re already working on another very small patch that fixes some issues with the game launcher for players who have 16:10 ratio monitors. Previously we only supported 16:9 and 4:3 monitors.

As usual, the patch will also include some minor game play improvements. For example, talking to a character after midnight sometimes results in information that should not have come up until the “next day.” We’d have made it much easier on ourselves to enforce a midnight bedtime, but when have we ever taken the easy approach in game design?

Game books – art book, bestiary, hint book, yearbook, and soundtrack – are in progress. We’re just starting on the hint book, and the yearbook needs a major rework. The other three are nearly complete. We would like to have the yearbook done before we ship boxed games, but we might have to ship them separately to ensure backers get their boxed games in November.

I am working with Fig to crowdfund a Nintendo Switch version of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Fig is also helping us with an upcoming advertising campaign for the PC versions of the game. I’ll post project details when the campaign is ready to launch.

Our team is also currently working on not one, but two, upcoming games. Hero-U: Wizard’s Way will be every bit as ambitious (or more so) than Rogue to Redemption, and will take us several years to complete.

Postcard from Summer Daze at Hero-U
Postcard from Summer Daze at Hero-U

In the meantime, we’re focusing on Summer Daze at Hero-U. This is a smaller-scope game that we hope to complete within a year. It focuses on character relationships as the player tries to prepare for and run the Harvest Festival. You can’t do it alone! We are designing Summer Daze to work on mobile devices as well as PC’s.

Send your friends to http://www.hero-u.com/ to learn more about Rogue to Redemption, and visit there to communicate with the team and other players on our forum.

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